VipJet Fact Sheet

VipJet has experienced rapid growth since commencing activities in 2008. The number of aircraft in VipJet’s management is increasing year on year. We now have a fleet of 14 aircraft and are working actively on new contracts in order to further expand the fleet size. The Company uses Dublin, London, Nice, Moscow as base airports.

The Company operates eight different aircraft types registered in five different registries. The VipJet team is interfacing on a daily basis with Aeronautical Authorities of five different States of aircraft registration (Aruba, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Ireland and Isle of Man). Vipjet oversee the day to day operation in compliance with the requirements of the country of registration and international regulations, successfully resolving such issues as pilots’ licenses validation, continuing airworthiness management and aircraft asset management activities.

For Vipjet safety is paramount. We ensure safety of the passengers, the crew and the aircraft at all cost.

The aircraft operation is built on “One contact” principle: VipJet management program is tailored to meet the needs of the Customer and no matter where the aircraft is located the Customer will have a dedicated, single point of contact for all operational, technical and legal questions.

VipJet has affiliated European CAMO, operating under EASA Part M Subpart G Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization Approval Certificate that allows the Company to manage the continuing airworthiness of European-registered aircraft in its fleet. Vipjet have Bermuda and Cayman Approval Certificate in accordance with the requirements of OTAR Part 39 which provides legal grounds for managing airworthiness of Bermuda, Cayman Islands and other flag of convenience registered jets.

We are open for new projects and are happy to answer all your questions. Please call us at +353 61 70 49 50 or send us an email

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